VIE Vaporizers

VIE Vaporizers

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Available in Black, Red & Silver

The VIE™ is a uniquely designed herbal vaporizer that allows for the consumer to receive the purist and most easily controlled consumption of herb and concentrates in the safest manner available on the market.

Advanced heating technology and pod system provide incomparable flavor, convenience and control in the palm of your hand.


  • Advanced heating system for consistent temperature and clean taste
  • Handles both solids (herb) or concentrates (wax)
  • Four temperature settings to customize your experience
  • Disposable pod system makes loading and reloading a snap
  • Each herbal pod holds 0.3 grams
  • 200 puffs per charge
  • Heats in 60 seconds


  • 3 Herb Capsules
  • 1 Concentrate Capsule
  • 10 Screens
  • 20 Funnels
  • VIE Cleaning Kit
  • USB Charger


The VIE™ vaporizer is best enjoyed with the accompaniment of our capsules. Our patented system allows you to enjoy more & clean less. They're discreet, so you can carry them with you and be ready for any moment.

Each vaporizer comes with 4 capsules.